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Best Buuuuuds Jan19

Best Buuuuuds

Are we best friends?

You know what tuesday means Feb25

You know what tuesday means

Taco Night! Time to get pumped up :)

Building Stuff With Wood Jun22

Building Stuff With Wood

I’ve recently gotten into the hobby of building stuff! Reading the sweet blog (they DIY awesome things), it inspired me to make something too! So after about a dozen trips to the Home Depot and almost as many days of back break labor I made my first piece of furniture (a bed frame) :D Sure it’s super heavy and a little on the ugly side but it’s miiine. If you’ve never built anything it’s hard to really know how great it makes you feel. I even made a song up to sing as I strutted around the house about my accomplishments. It was truly a great time :) The short story, go build...

Cereal Emergency Mar18

Cereal Emergency

Nobody may really know how or why it happens but it is the bain of any respectable cereal connoisseur…the crusty bits that hang out around the tip of the milk jug. We all hate you crusty bits.

British Accents Are Easy To Do Jan17

British Accents Are ...

I’m so good at accents :)

Feet Like Boats Sep05

Feet Like Boats

Let’s hear it for boat-feet!

How To Decide If You Need A Flowchart Jul18

How To Decide If You...

Flowcharts are rad, but how do you know when you need one? Flowchart to the rescue! PS: this was suggested by facebook pal Jessie J. thanks Jessie! :D PS #2 click that link to become a facebook pal.

How To Make Fun Of A Facebook Post Jun12

How To Make Fun Of A...

I tell you, I don’t think I could make this stuff up. Sometimes all I have to do is just write down whatever my wife says and more times than not, it ends up making it into a comic, she’s great like that :) I don’t know how other comics artists do it. . .

Would You Still Love Me If. . . May29

Would You Still Love...

If your wife is anything like mine, her favorite game is also: “Would you still love me if. . .”  Husbands, try this one out, it’ll teach ’em a lesson >:D

The Moment I Realized I Was Old May09

The Moment I Realized I Was Old

Theres really something about growing up hmm…For me the moment I sort of realized I was no longer a kid was when I started buying cereal, not based on the amount of marshmallows or frostedness, but when I started looking at the fiber content at the main selling point :) What was it for you (or what do you think it will be) that made you realize you were no longer a kid?

Blessings In The Midst Of Things Apr25

Blessings In The Mid...

Wow I really missed creating these for you guys :) I had to lighten the burden on myself by taking a bit of a break and just doing something silly :) Anywho, thanks for being so patient and rad.

Pirate and Princess Comission Mar21

Pirate and Princess ...

Hooray commissioned art! While I work out the rest of the story (procrastinate) I didn’t want to leave you guys with no update this week. I figured I’d show you this neat commission I did for a buddy of mine, he’s getting married soon (congrats) and this is half of a 2 part...

Catsle Cat Detective (Part 3) Feb06

Catsle Cat Detective...

I think this is the last of Catsle for now, hope you guys liked him. I had a bunch of other ideas but I don’t want him to over stay his welcome–plus these long strips are pretty taxing to do ;)

Catsle Cat Detective (Part 2) Jan31

Catsle Cat Detective...

Catsle the (stupid) cat detective is BACK! Stay tuned as Catsle tries to catch the mad bomber :D

Catsle Cat Detective Jan24

Catsle Cat Detective

Make sure you check out part two :D Anyone else watch the show Castle? If not this might not make too much sense, but whatevs! I think I’m going to make a short series about Catsle, the stupid cat detective, is a pretty funny concept to me, so we’ll see where it goes...

Joy Without Measure (Part 4) Jan17

Joy Without Measure ...

This is the last art strip in this series, I’d like to thank Mrs. Jeanne Walker again for the beautiful poem, and letting me adapt it for the comic. Also, thanks to all of you for putting up with me as I branch out a bit and do something different. You guys are rad.

Mayhaps To Float… (Part 3) Jan10

Mayhaps To FloatR...

Here we go with part three of this four part poem series, wrapping it up next hopefully, it’s been fun for me so far! Lots of work though…lots and lots of work. Be sure you go back to see it from the beginning...

Fly to the Moon (Part 2) Jan03

Fly to the Moon (Par...

Monday’s new comic will be up this evening! Part two of four in this series, hope you guys enjoy :) If you missed it check out part one (Cotton Candy Fields). PS, I put a wallpaper version of it up over the weekend for the club house...

Cotton Candy Fields (part 1) Dec27

Cotton Candy Fields (part 1)

I announced to my Facebook pals about yesterday about something special I was planning on doing and this is the beginning of it! For the next few updates I’m planning on illustrating a beautiful adaptation of a poem that was created for me by the wonderful poet Jeanne Walker. I’ll really try to push myself artistically with this short series, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Girls Don’t Sweat Dec09

Girls Don’t Sw...

Everybody should know that girls, no matter how hard they work, don’t sweat. They glisten.

Diagram of a Woman’s Brain Dec06

Diagram of a Woman’s Brain

This is a pretty fun game to play, you take a piece of paper and diagram what you think a friend’s brain looks like and they do the same for you! If you’ve never done it, it’s a good way to see what people really think about you ;) If you and a loved one would like to try the game out for yourselves, feel free to print out this thinggie and have at it! I’d love to see what you guys come up with too so send em in...

He’s A Movie Star Dec02

He’s A Movie S...

Yep, cats tend to think more highly of themselves than they should :D

Thanksgiving Day Family Portrait Nov25

Thanksgiving Day Fam...

Here is a recent commission piece I did and I like how it turned out. It’s a family portrait for one really cool reader and her equally cool family. I like this one so much because she really gave me a good idea of what her family was like, sort of introducing me to each one and sending...

Your Fault You Married Me Nov22

Your Fault You Marri...

It’s good to be able to celebrate the little victories in marriage :D PS: I’m working on relaunching the PJF shop and I’m taking suggestions for new items and other stuff, leave a comment with your ideas or check the official post out in the...

Why I Wanted To Be A Mailman Nov15

Why I Wanted To Be A...

Let’s hear it for mailmen! Nobody? Ok… Over the weekend I got the new Pajama Forest Forums set up! The great thing about it is that you don’t even have to sign up, you can use your facebook thinggie to work it ( or basically whatever other account you want!). Theres already a...

Can’t? Or Won’t? Nov11

Can’t? Or Won&...

Nothing like a little nonsense to start off the day! Seriously though, what is it with wives? If you “organize” the stuff we guys leave laying around, how are we ever supposed to find it later? Maybe think about that before you start “cleaning” and “picking up...

Great Ideas: I Got a Million of ‘Em Nov01

Great Ideas: I Got a...

This sort of thing happens rather frequently, not only from my wife but I get helpful suggestions from all sorts of people.It’s not so much that it’s bad ideas, it’s more that they’re half-ideas. Ah well :D Does anyone else ever get unwanted/bad advice?

I Love You Because Oct25

I Love You Because

My wife loves playing this “game” with me. Other favorites include “Would you love me if…” and “Take out the garbage.” Anywho, it’s all in good fun, I’m not really a curmudgeon…honest. What are some of your favorite games you an your s

A Habit Hard to Break. Oct21

A Habit Hard to Brea...

If it wasn’t for my wife I’m almost afraid I’d run out of ideas for this strip :D

Ketchup Breath Oct14

Ketchup Breath

Another semi-true tale! There are a few things that I really just don’t like the smell of, ketchup, ranch, and wet dog. Boo bad smells! If it seems like I’ve been aloof recently I have been! The wife and I have been out of town for quite some time and I’ve been trying to keep...

We’re Still Married Anyway Sep27

We’re Still Married Anyway

My wife and I did have our one year anniversary a short while ago, we made it! Everybody else, prepare for unwanted marriage advice! Whats your marriage pro tip?

Bedtime Snacks Sep16

Bedtime Snacks

This semi-true tale was inspired by actual events (we found a chicken nug in our bed)! What are some things you guys have found in unexpected places?

The Simple Things In Life Aug30

The Simple Things In Life

My dog loooves laying on clothing for some reason, she’ll really go out of her way to lay on some pants I left on the floor. Sometimes she’ll do this funny thing and try and gather it up in a pile to lay down on by squatting over the clothes and kicking them behind her with her front legs. It’s a funny sight :D PS nerd news: I went to my first MTG draft tournament yesterday and it was fun! I asked a ton of questions but I ended up doing really well. Now to convince the wife to play with me so I can whomp her with my fancy new cards >:D

Rainy Days Aug19

Rainy Days

A buddy of mine surprised me earlier this week with an amazing original sound track he created and it inspired me to create an animated short. I’ve been working on it this week , I’m really excited about it and I’ll definitely show you guys and gals when I’m finished...

My Best Friend (Happy Anniversary) Jul29

My Best Friend (Happ...

My wife and I have such a great time finding ways to entertain ourselves. Our one year wedding anniversary is coming this Saturday and I wanted to do something special to commemorate that…I love you honey :D What are some of the silly things you guys do?

Pokemon Battle Gone Too Far Jul26

Pokemon Battle Gone Too Far

Pokemon are pretty great, the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and nerdery. I’m talkin the ORIGINAL 150 though not these new fangled “pokemon”. kids these days…

Creation Of Gaming Jul12

Creation Of Gaming

Another commission piece that I just finished and really liked how it turned out :D I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled strips on the next update, I just really liked this one and I thought you all would appreciate it :D

Old News Dog Jun24

Old News Dog

Yeah we got a kitty cat! It truly is absurd how little and stupid cute he is :D He’s a little terror though, chewin cables, climbing legs, nomin’ hands… I <3 him! Named him Mooch. The dog has been pretty jealous though, it’s...

WoW: Destroyer of Relationships Jun16

WoW: Destroyer of Relationships

Yup, the wife and I got back into World of Warcraft, we even got her a separate account so we can play together now. We’ve been getting into an absurd amount of fights since we began playing too. It’s an odd phenomenon how “fun” can turn into “not fun” when playing with loved ones. If you guys want to save Azeroth with us we’re Sugafoot and Sugaface (alliance) or our alts, Moohere and Moothere (Horde) on Whisperwind. Yes we’re nerds, but who cares! :D If you’re new to these parts, the WoW series starts here!

Double Pun Jun13

Double Pun

Puns are simultaneously one of the greatest and worts things in the world. Once someone get’s started, it’s easy to become punstoppable.

How To Pun Jun09

How To Pun

If you’ve ever wondered how to pun like a pro, this is for you. Go Puns!

Bed Toots May20

Bed Toots

Fart jokes!

Goofers Redux May17

Goofers Redux

The vidja game is coming along quite nicely, taking a little longer than expected but I really like how it’s turning out :D  The beta is juuust about to start, it’s not too late to join (I have a few more spots left for anyone with and iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch)! I forgot to mention,...

For What You Will Do. Apr26

For What You Will Do...

I think this is my favorite strip so far, I’m really happy with how the hands and expressions turned out. I had an alternate ending that was quite a bit more endearing but I thought this was better :D P.S. No the wife isn’t preggers, but I;m really surprised at how many people were...

Marriage Pro Tip Apr22

Marriage Pro Tip

A proven method, it works every time!* If you guys didn’t know I’ve been stealthily uploading digitally remastered versions of August’s adventures in dating, now (hopefully) it should look better and actually make sense! *It doesn’t really work very well but you might as well get comfortable amirite?

Cookies Vs Ninja Mar01

Cookies Vs Ninja

An art piece for you guys today! This was actually a custom art request by a reader. I liked it so much that I just decided to post it up for all to see :D If you missed the news on Friday, I’ve just released a brand new t-shirt for pre-order! The orders are already coming in and I think...

I Love Doing This Feb25

I Love Doing This

Muahahaha >:D I’ve been really enjoying answering the questions you guys have been asking by the way! If you have been enjoying it too, you can now ask my wife questions too! Also, NEW T-SHIRT!! WHOAH!!...

She Usually Loves Weddings Feb22

She Usually Loves Weddings

So I got me one of these things. It’s pretty neat. I’m trying to work in some subtle backgrounds…anyone notice? What do you think? Also, ALTERNATE ENDING!

Caught In The Act Feb18

Caught In The Act

stupid dog…

She Doesnt Even Blink Feb15

She Doesnt Even Blin...

My dog’s favorite past time? Staring at me ceaselessly….without blinking >:( So I’m just going to stop promising things I can’t deliver on…I’ll get back to the PJF characters when I get to them, as of right now I’m super busy between overtime at...

WoW Life Feb11

WoW Life

Man am I on a roll with the titles of these strips or what?! :D “Who cares?” I know, you guys probably don’t, but I’m pretty proud of them recently…

She Says She Wants Compliments But Nooo Feb08

She Says She Wants C...

I particularly like the title of this one :D Is it just my wife or do other ladies like to go fishing for compliments? I changed this one kinda at the last minute, if you guys stumble the past two semi true tales I’ll see about posting up the original version :D

Stuff I Learned Dec31

Stuff I Learned

Well this one took forever…trying some new stuff, hope you guys like it. Next week I’ll get back to the zombie storyline for you guys, and tie up some other loose ends. It’s super late right now, check back a little later for pictures! Anyway, we really did have a great time...

Stupid Stupid Husband Dec21

Stupid Stupid Husban...

A ginormous strip today! Why? Well, I like to try new things, and the previous strip I did was so much fun I wanted to try another long form one; also, it’s a bit of consolation. Anyway, thanks to everyone for being awesome, all the emails I’ve been getting, the fan art, the kind...

Me Vs Myself Vs My Wife Dec18

Me Vs Myself Vs My W...

If you don’t get it think about it for a sec, a play on numbers…I know :) I’m pretty pleased with myself for coming up with a title that fits so well. I’m usually very bad at that aspect, but this one fits in so many ways!

Fat Fat Dec14

Fat Fat

Though this conversation IS more-or less true, I must say (so’s I don’t get in trouble) my wife indeed is not fat :D Also, SNOW IN...

What I’m Thankful For Nov27

What I’m Thank...

If you’re not careful these things just sneak right up on you and before you know it, it’s already past.Luckily this Semi True Tale is more “Semi” than “True.” We had a good thanksgiving, and I hope you all did too! I’m also very thankful for you, my aw

She Eats Poo. Nov25

She Eats Poo.

I’ll admit it, I’m more of a cat person, and no, I don’t feel compelled to justify my love of cats to you crazy dog lovers! Ok maybe a little bit, dogs are pretty cool, I admire their faithfulness and all around cheery-ness; however, for some reason I prefer cats,...

You Want A Piece Nov23

You Want A Piece

The First WoW Wife strip. The previous one was more “Semi” than it was “True” this one, mostly true :D  Hope you guys are ready for a whole week of super awesome Semi True Tales! (this is the last WoW one for a while I’m pretty...

Shes A Monster Nov20

Shes A Monster

This strip was very much inspired by a strip by Scott Ramsoomair, if you know his work you’ll know which strip (I’d link to it but it’s not very family friendly). For an extra chance to win, be sure you stumble this one too: In other news, I’m still...