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August Loves May is a webcomic that follows a dude named August and his lovely wife May in their adventures as a newlywed couple.

The Cast

Name: August
Occupation: Awesomeness.
Description: An exceedingly cool dude in his mid twenties, August is commonly known to wear pajamas even after lunch time, and he doesn’t care. Loves things that are pizza and things that go *beep boop beep*.
Superpower: Always puts the toilet seat down.
Weakness: Peas.
Name: May
Occupation: The wife.
Description: Achingly beautiful wife to an utterly undeserving husband, he makes dishes dirty and she makes them magically appear back in the cabinet, all clean and everything!
Superpower: She’s not a doctor buuut can probably diagnose you.
Weakness: Sarcasm.


Can we hang out?

How do you draw your comics?
I sometimes sketch out ideas with pen or pencil on scrap paper, but I usually work entirely digitally. I currently use a Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS4 to draw all the strips.

Is this a journal comic?
No. Though somewhat inspired by my life, there are hazards of doing a jornal comic. Those in it often get upset that “their character” did something they wouldn’t. Also most journal comics are kinda boring :\

How long does each strip take to create?
It generally takes around five or six hours to complete each strip. A couple hours to sketch out the panels and dialogue, and couple hours to ink it and a couple more to color and do the finishing touches.

Can I use your stuff for my site or school newspaper or whatever?
Most Likely! As long as it’s totally non-commercial usage (maning you’re not trying to make a buck off my hard work) I dont mind. If you’re not sure, shoot me an email and we’ll hash it out.

Can you link to my site?
Maybe! I’m always interested in meeting new webcomic artists and seeing their work. Send me an email with a link to your work and I’ll definitely check it out, if I like I might just link to your site with a hearty recommendation :D

Can I link to your site?
Sure, why not.

Do you accept fan art or guest comics?
Totally. I encourage it too! I usually post guest art up on the site when I get it, so if you fancy yourself an artist to any degree send me some sweet art! Whenever I need guest strips I usually announce it here on the site, but if you have an idea and want to do a guest strip, go ahead! It might just end up feature here on the site for all to see :D

I want more comics!
I’m not a machine! Nevertheless…if you want more check out the sweet archives or signup for the Newsletter or we could be friends on the Facebook where I sometimes post sneak previews of what I’m working on, my Twitter pals are also privy to info and happs that others aren’t.

I want to give you money, tell me how?
Check out my patreon page if you’d like to help support the comic.

Can you draw something awesome for me?
My patrons can get rad stuff drawn for them.

I have more questions.

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